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The South Coast Deanery is comprised of seven Catholic parishes covering the area of South East Queensland referred to as the Gold Coast. The Deanery has been created to assist parishes to minister to their communities. Our Dean is Very Rev. Father Peter Dillon, Parish Priest of Surfers Paradise Parish.

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this information is taken from the Archdiocese of Brisbane website.

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What is a Deanery?

A deanery is a regional cluster of parishes within a diocese, working together on common ministries and headed by a dean. The deanery has the role of fostering mutual support between its parishes, joint planning of key elements of pastoral life and mission, and sharing of resources. The dean provides leadership in the deanery in the implementation of the Jesus Communion Mission vision and priorities promulgated by the Archbishop following Synod.

Across the Archdiocese of Brisbane there are 109 parishes that are grouped into 13 geographical deaneries. The 13 deans meet regularly with the Archbishop, the two Auxiliary Bishops and the Moderator.


What is a Parish?

A particular community of the Christian faithful within a diocese, which has its own church building and is under the authority of a pastor who is responsible for providing the faithful with ministerial service. Most parishes are formed on a geographical basis.


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South Coast Deanery
Dean: Very Rev. Father Peter Dillon

Phone: 07 5572 5433


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